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We strive to advance AI technologies and use them to make an impact in real life!

The human brain is a giant graph of 100 billion nodes and 1 trillion edges, performing four major functions: memory, observation, judgement & perception and abstract reasoning & strategy. Graphs are our natural way to remember, correlate and understand all that surrounds us. To mimic the human experience of intelligence, graphs play a key role.

For over a decade, our researchers and developers have been devoting themselves to advance artificial intelligence technologies based on the potential capabilities of the graph infrastructure. For instance, we can use them for:

  • Cognitive security
  • Productive employees
  • Intelligent machines and linking knowledge
  • Big Data management
  • Reasoning and understanding

AI Platform and Finance Solutions

Artificial Intelligence is expected to bring fundamental paradigm shifts in the financial services industry.

While the existence of the financial services industry is for moving capitals for the good of mankind, one of its biggest misuses is money laundering. The flow of financial transactions is an example of a giant graph.

Named after Ardi, an early human-like female anthropoid 4.4 million years old - and currently considered the first human being, our AI platform is trying to mimic all functions of the human brain. The differences between humans and other animals mainly lie in our capabilities of reasoning, understanding and strategizing.
Built on our AI Platform, Ardi, we are developing a series of AI Traders that automatically learn strategies from trading experiences. Each AI Trader has a unique 'personality'. Anita is the first known name in Indo-European literature. It is the name of our series of AI Traders, the foundation of our Personal Trader and Robo-Advisory solutions.
Meet Adam, our cognitive robot. Adam is able to sense feelings from scenes and interactions. He can autonomously build a knowledge base from the surrounding environment and learn to act, react and interact in a humanlike way through observations.

Graphen Technologies

Linked Big Data

Most entities are connected. We need a novel AI infrastructure to handle billions of connections like our brains.

Advanced Visualization

Visualization is the key to understanding analysis. We need to combine data mining, big data analytics, design, rendering and interactions.

Autonomous Learning

Continuous Imperfect Learning allows machines to self-learn its environments and keep improving itself, without explicit teachers.

Cognitive Feeling

Machines may evolve to have humanlike capabilities such as feeling images, reading body language, capturing the nuance in speech, etc.

Machine Reasoning

Human brains differ from animal brains mainly in the way we can figure out hidden causes, intentions and motivations.

Strategic Thinking

Intelligence is demonstrated based on whether we can successfully anticipate others' behavior and create a win-win situation.

Human Understanding

Understanding human behavior, personality, needs and values is the key to better serving customers and making recommendations.


We provide tools for better prediction on multi-modality time series that might be affected by various factors.

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