Taiwan Chamber of Commerce in New York launches 2021 master-apprentice inheritance pilot program

Posted by Epoch Times on Oct 01, 2021

Focus on five major areas of technology, finance/real estate, retail, fashion/design, and professional services to hold workshops to share experiences

Alt Text From left to right, the speakers of the technology group are Jordan Hu, Ching-Yung Lin, Peter Lin. (Screenshot of video conference)

[Epoch Times October 1, 2021] (The Epoch Times reporter Lin Yijun New York reported) In the post-epidemic era, all walks of life are looking for new development opportunities. The Taiwan Chamber of Commerce and Youth Chamber of Commerce in New York once again launched the "Mentor-Apprentice Inheritance Pilot Program". The predecessors of the Chamber of Commerce not only shared their experience in the five hottest areas of the "International Capital" New York City with the new generation of youth chamber elites, and the process of learning and learning is also a virtuous circle of the development of the Chinese business community in New York. Alt Text TheTaiwan Chamber of Commerce inNew York and the Youth Chamber of Commerce officially launched the 2021 mentor-apprentice succession pilot program. (Provided by Taiwan Youth Chamber of Commerce in New York (TJCCNY))

On the evening of Sept 29, the Taiwan Chamber of Commerce in New York, cum Junior Chamber of Commerce official launched the 2021 - 2022 "apprenticeship pilot program". On the same three mentors in science and technology pilot program pioneered online group seminars to share experience in the industry.

Dr. Ching-Yung Lin, Founder and CEO of Graphen, lectured on "Is Viral Variation Limitless? Seeing the Light-Using AI to Predict Ultimate Variation and Design a Vaccine Against Future Variation", RiskVal Financial Strategy Company Founder and Chief Executive Jordan Hu gave a lecture on "After the epidemic, how to maintain efficiency and health under the new culture of remote work", and Peter Lin, Chairman of Goldman Metrology/Gorman Investment Consulting, gave a lecture on "A new investment model combining finance and technology".

In response to the hot "work from home" model, RiskVal founder and CEO Jordan Hu pointed out that this is the future office model of many companies in New York City, but it also has three impacts on individuals and industries: how companies train new recruits? How do homeworkers with low self-discipline use the extra time to improve themselves? The physical and mental impact of long-term lack of interaction with people on homeworkers?

Jordan Hu suggested that in the post-epidemic era, everyone must pay attention to their physical and mental health. No matter how the current situation changes, the company will go from top to bottom, as long as they fulfil their respective responsibilities, the problem will be solved. This is how his company operates, and its performance is in the epidemic. Contrary to the trend, it grew by 20%.

The purpose of the New York Taiwan Chamber of Commerce and Youth Chamber of Commerce "Mentor-Apprentice Inheritance Pilot Program" is to learn and grow from across generations, promote career and professional management, and enhance leadership and worldview. 2021 - 22 program will focus on five areas of technology, finance / real estate, retailing / marketing, fashion / design / arts, professional services, from September to January next year, held a five-month workshop.

The seminar was hosted by Bihui Cai, President of the Taiwan Youth Chamber of Commerce in New York, and Jiankai Wang, Vice President. Guangzhang Li, Director of the Scripture Division, Yongfeng Chen, Director of the Overseas Chinese Education Center, Junlin Changjiang, the Chamber of Commerce, and Weiyang Lin, the former President of the Youth Chamber of Commerce, were also video or recorded. Video, congratulations to the Chamber of Commerce for starting the new year's "Mentor-Apprentice Inheritance Pilot Program".

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