Graphen Adam II and Ava

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Graphen Robotics is creating novel physical robots and virtual robots.


Grapen Adam II Computer Vision Indoor/Outdoor Robot:

Graphen CV Robot finished version in house:

Show Video: Graphen Robot Running in Taipei Office (July 2022)

Graphen Robot test run.

Grapen Ava Digital Human Robot:

Digital Human with various emotion and activities.

Female Ava robot introduces Graphen

Show Video: Ava interacts with user (Aug 2022)

Female Ava robot shows emotion and provides real-time data

Show Video: Ava shows mood and real-time financial info (Aug 2022)

Female Ava robot talks in Chinese

Show Video: Digital Human interacts with Chinese (Aug 2022)

40 inch screen robot interaction with eye contact (no sound)

Show Video: Digital Human showing Eye Contacts (July 2022)

Digital Human on TV ready for interaction.

Male Ava robot interaction (Chinese)

Show Video: Digital Human male talking in Chinese (July 2022)

Digital Human on TV ready for interaction.

Female Ava robot walk close (Chinese)

Show Video: Digital Human walk close to you (Aug 2022)

Digital Human walk close to you when you walk in.

Selfie with Ava.

Previous Grapen Robot Demo:

Demo 1 of Graphen Interactive Robot on AI Summit 2021 @ NY Convention Center

Show Video: Interaction Demo at AI Summit 2021 New York (Dec 2021)

Human-Machine Interaction at Extremely Noisy Place -- New York Convention Center

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