Graphen Ardi

The Next-Generation Enterprise-Ready Full-Brain AI Platform

Ardi AI Platform

Inspired by the vast, full functionality of the human brain, Graphen has developed a next-gen, onestop Artificial Intelligence platform Ardi, which mimics full brain functions.

Graphen Ardi AI Platform includes eleven key modules: Memory, Perception, Learning, Reasoning, Understanding, Strategy, Expression, Personality, Emotion, Knowledge, and Action. They are organized and coordinated by a Pipeline. It empowers users to build industry specific solutions to solve complex problems from Fraud Detection, Genomic Analysis, Drug Development, and Car Diagnostics to building a smart energy grid.

Ardi is the future of AI. It is enterprise-ready for companies and organizations with large quantity of data processing and complicated problem-solving needs.


Ardi AI Platform Components


  • Graph Database
  • Relational Database


  • Data Analytics
  • Sensing


  • Deep Learning
  • Autonomous Learning


  • Natural Language
  • Deep Video


  • Causality Modeling
  • Behavior Prediction


  • Trade-Offs
  • Optimization


  • Visualization
  • ML Explanations


  • Humanization
  • Ethics


  • Feeling
  • Affection


  • Knowledge Base
  • Question Answering


  • Movement
  • Control


  • Coordination
  • Stream Flow

Ardi Advantages

  • Utlize property graph, collective graph and behavior graph to build knowledgebase and intelligence. Ardi is able to increase accuracy at least two to three times by context and relation analysis, 10 times by reasoning and behavior prediction.
  • Use statistical, proximity-based, density-based and clustering-based analytics technologies to detect collective, contextual and point anomalies, and determine aggregated risks.
  • Bayesian Networks offer an expressive visual and quantitative tool for learning and representing reasoning procedures, and understanding causality among variables. Machine Reasoning may improve risk behavior prediction accuracy by 10 to 100 times. Able to detect long-term anomalies and threats.
  • Ardi provides a holistic approach to analyze the customer’s behavior by comparing to its control groups. Based on various scenarios of stress tests, what-if conditions, assign predictions on incomplete fields, scores update with new information automatically.
  • Ardi's AI explainer provides local interpretable model-agnostic explanations, approximates the model to the closest linear model at a local level, takes a point with several point in vicinity, generates a linear model based on results and calculates the weightage of each input feature.
  • Ardi allows a streamlined pipeline of scheduling tasks, cascading task steps, publishing for production applications and monitoring status.
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