Know Your Customer (KYC)

Smart due diligence for customer insights and analytics

Smart Due Diligence (DD)

With cross-border e-commerce steadily growing and serving customers all over the world, it is critical to have an advanced due diligence (DD) system in place. It effectively reduces workload for due diligence and payment operations, while enhancing Know Your Customer (KYC) capabilities. Graphen's Smart DD applies comprehensive knowledge and product graphs with Bayesian network probabilities and helps to monitor and detect suspicious activities.


Efforless Workflow for Quality Customer Insights

An automated monitoring and investigation process of real-time transactions centralizes trade finance due diligence and related information management. It improves the quality of customer insights, efficiency of due diligence and reduces human error and bias.


Solving Ecommerce Problems

Through Smart DD, we can solve the following problems:

  • Compare whether the goods/services are consistent with nature of the seller and buyer's business (i.e. applicant and beneficiary);
  • Compare customer transaction records with their baseline behavior;
  • Check whether the size of the transaction and shipment is consistent with the exporter/importer’s business activities and manufacturing capacity;
  • Determine whether news search results are negative for parties to the transaction.
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    This solutuion can be applied to any industry and organization that is looking to enhance its customer insights and analyis, i.e. online marketing, e-commerce, etc.


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